Available in conventional and inhibited formulations

The Polar range of bulk emulsions are specifically manufactured for their intended use in surface or underground applications.

Features include:

  • low water content
  • the most cost-effective, energy efficient solution to mining operations for the breakage of rock
  • the formulation has the added benefit of reducing fume events
  • the bulk products are offered in a range of blends making explosive selection for specific geologies highly effective
  • the formulation manufactured for blasting in underground mines is oxygen balanced
  • manufactured in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

The Polar range of bulk emulsions are sensitised as they are loaded into the blast hole, making their transport, handling and storage as safe as possible.

Product formulations that contribute to effectiveness

Our difference lies in the product formulations – we will not ‘add sawdust to the sausage’. Everything in the product formulation contributes to the effectiveness of the product rather than reducing the cost of the product to the manufacturer.

The differentiator

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