A full service provider to the mining sector

Established in 2013, Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA) established facilities, people and infrastructure in Australia with the opening of the Chemrok plant in Kalgoorlie. This was then closely followed in 2015 with a bulk emulsion production plant to provide a full service to the Asian Pacific region.

Originally founded by Australian shareholders and as part of the Nitro Sibir Group, NSA built a respected reputation based on our ability to rapidly deliver innovative, custom solutions to our clients; and through our founding parent company, a cost effective solution with access to low cost materials.

Today, this relationship is maintained. However in 2017, the international shareholding changed to further strengthen the financial, technical and logistical capabilities of the company with the merger with global explosive specialists, Auxin Tech.

Auxin Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of a global high tech defence manufacturer- NORINCO Group, is a world-class and leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive suite of civil blasting solutions including explosives, blasting accessories, delivery equipment, raw materials and drill & blast services.

This merger has provided NSA with access to a broader range of products, as well as technology and expertise. Our supply chain has strengthened with multiple sources of supply for each product type, ownership of explosive magazines at strategic ports and established relationships with major global shipping providers and partners.

Today NSA remains a private company maintaining the same basic objectives as the original company:

  • development of formulations and technologies for the production of cost effective explosives using domestic raw material inputs
  • design and commissioning of manufacturing plants, including on-site facilities
  • design and provision of bulk explosives charging units
  • provision of a complete offering of fit-for-purpose explosives, blasting accessories and technical services.

Our business strategy is focused on continued innovation determined by our customers’ requirements.

The leading explosive supplier to the mining sector in the Asia Pacific region.

To lead the market in innovation and service.

To deliver a comprehensive range of market leading products, backed by a highly responsive, client focused and safe culture.

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