Python Maxisplit Case Study

Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA) manufactures Python Maxisplit as part of its commercial explosives product range. It is a packaged presplit product designed for smooth wall blasting application, manufactured in NSA’s purpose built presplit manufacturing facility in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

The Python Maxisplit design consists of a continuous casing film that is filled with a high energy watergel explosive, clipped at 400mm intervals creating individual chubs. The entire length is centre traced with a 10 gram detonating cord initiation system. An annotated design is displayed in Figure 1 and the actual product is displayed in Figure 2.

Figure 1
Figure 2











The chemical composition of the watergel explosive used in the Python Maxisplit has been designed to target maximum delivery of explosive pressure to the wall of the presplit blast hole. Using industry specialists in explosives chemistry and explosives application, NSA has been able to deliver a packaged presplit explosive that has significantly greater energy than equivalent sized emulsion and other watergel based presplit explosives. These products are used in the Australian mining, quarry and construction blasting industries. Anecdotal field test results, from multiple mine sites, have proven that the Python Maxisplit will deliver a smoother wall (safer to work under) than comparative products. Alternately the same result can be achieved by using less explosives through expanding the presplit blast hole spacing.

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